Should Veterans With PTSD Be Exempt From the Death Penalty?

On January 12, 1998, Andrew Brannan was driving his truck at 98 miles an hour on a country road near his Dublin, Georgia, home when he was pulled over by Deputy Kyle Dinkheller. Brannan . . . shouted profanities and danced around, yelling, “Here I am, here I am … [s]hoot me.” He then attacked the deputy and a gunfight ensued, in which Brannan shot Dinkheller nine times with a rifle. . . . Every doctor who had examined Andrew confirmed that he was suffering for years before the crime from significant PTSD . . .

Before he made headlines as a convicted murderer, Brannan was a decorated combat veteran . . .  and was awarded the Bronze Star and two Army Commendation medals for outstanding service. . . .  On January 13, he became the first person executed in 2015.
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