Senate meeting Thursday on S.553

The Corrections and Penology Committee of the South Carolina Senate will meet on Thursday, March 26 at 8:30am in room 209 of the Gressette Building in Columbia to discuss S.553.          Please contact the committee members now and tell them not to pass this bill!

Committee members:

Michael L. Fair, Chairman     Clementa C. Pinckney,       Kent M. Williams,       Paul G. Campbell, Jr.     Shane A. Massey,      Shane R. Martin,       Floyd Nicholson,      Chauncey K. Gregory,       Tom Davis,      Karl B.  Allen,      Katrina Frye  Shealy,       Paul Thurmond,      Ross Turner,       Tom Young,  Jr.,      Marlon E.  Kimpson,      Glenn G. Reese,      Ronnie A. Sabb

If you call, you will probably just talk to a staffer who will simply note that you are against the bill, but in case you also want to email some of the members, here are some of the reasons we are concerned about the bill:

* Secrecy is incompatible with democracy. (The legislature seems intent on supporting the FOIA, “Sunshine Law,”  and this goes counter to that admirable goal.)

* Governments and companies should not do things that they are afraid or unwilling to be identified with.

* There is no evidence that a secrecy bill will actually lead to a supply of drugs, and there is some evidence that it would have no impact. See this article in the Anniston Star.