South Carolina Groups

While to our knowledge we are currently the only group in South Carolina that focuses solely on the abolition of the death penalty, there are several other organizations in the state whose work includes this issue:


The Death Penalty Resource & Defense Center:

  • Trains lawyers to handle death penalty cases
  • Provides resources to lawyers to improve the quality of representation
  • Represents individual clients who might have received the death penalty because of poor legal representation and other injustices
  • Advocates for systemic reform to ensure that the death penalty is applied fairly in all cases.


The ACLU of South Carolina is dedicated to preserving the civil liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Through communications, lobbying and litigation, the ACLU of South Carolina works to preserve and enhance the rights of all citizens of South Carolina. Foremost among these rights are freedom of speech and religion, the right to equal treatment under law, and the right to privacy.


The South Carolina Christian Action Council (SCCAC), whose mission is:

  • To promote and facilitate dialogue among diverse Christian traditions on matters of belief and practice; and
  • To work in partnership to advocate for social justice, promote peace-making, and foster racial and cultural healing and reconciliation.


The South Carolina Progressive Network is a coalition of grassroots activists who have joined forces to promote social and economic justice in the Palmetto State. Created in 1995 as a tool to engage South Carolinians in their communities and in their government, the Network connects people to each other and to resources designed to leverage the work of progressive organizations

If your organization works or advocates for an end to the death penalty in South Carolina, and you are not listed here, please write to: SCADP / PMB#338 / 100 Old Cherokee Road Suite F / Lexington, SC 29072 , email info(at), or call 843-312-9741