S.C. lawmaker proposes firing squad as death penalty option

. . .  Putnam’s bill, H. 4038, was introduced and referred to the House Judiciary Committee today. Putnam is the only listed sponsor of the bill. Tyler Jones, spokesman for the S.C. House Democrats, has already come out against Putnam’s bill. “Since Republicans are always in a time warp, we’re wondering if Rep. Putnam will offer a death by guillotine option as well,” Jones says.

Ron Kaz, a James Island resident and member of the advocacy group South Carolinians Abolishing the Death Penalty, says he was unaware of Putnam’s proposal before it was introduced today. “It’s obviously unnecessary, and I’d like to think it’s unlikely to go anywhere, but given the nature of some of the strange things that come out of our legislature, we’ll never know for sure,” Kaz says.

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