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Exonerated death row inmate Glenn Ford seeking donations for medical care

Glenn Ford spent nearly three decades on Angola’s death row for a murder he did not commit. He battled a terminal cancer diagnosis that, according to his federal lawsuit, went needlessly untreated by prison staff. And he challenged the state of Louisiana over its denial of wrongful conviction and imprisonment compensation.
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Ex-prosecutor Apologizes to Exonerated Man He Put on Death Row

In a letter of stunning candor that should give pause to proponents of the death penalty, former Caddo Parish prosecutor A.M. “Marty” Stroud III responded to a Shreveport Times editorial calling on the state of Louisiana to stop fighting Glenn Ford’s efforts to collect the $330,000 compensation package he is owed for serving more than 30 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.   Continue reading:

Scalia’s Embarrassing Question

Innocence is not enough to get you out of prison.
By Lara Bazelon    MARCH 11 2015 9:37 AM

. . .  The most conservative estimate is that there are somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 innocent people locked up in the United States today. How many more Troy Davis cases will the Supreme Court tolerate before it does what is so obviously the right thing? If the execution of an innocent person isn’t cruel and unusual punishment, what is?

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Exonerated in 2014

From the University of Michigan’s report Exonerations in 2014:
Six defendants who had been sentenced to death were exonerated in 2014, the most since 2009: three in Ohio, two in North Carolina and one in Louisiana. Each had been imprisoned for 30 years or more, and two – Ricky Jackson and Wiley Bridgeman in Ohio – spent more than 39 years in prison, the longest terms of incarceration for any known exonerees in the United States.