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Report Aims To Explain “Outlier” Counties Imposing Most New Death Sentences

As the death penalty slows across the U.S., some counties continue to impose significant numbers of new death sentences. A report out Tuesday looks at eight key counties — including one in Arizona where 28 death sentences were imposed between 2010 and 2015.
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Also: When A ZIP Code Can Determine A Death Sentence by Kim Bellware, Huffington Post

Dylann Roof’s lawyer a Canadian-born crusader against death penalty

David Bruck, a soft-spoken Montrealer, has become one of America’s foremost opponents of the death penalty.
The memories have faded a little in the 21 years since David Bruck saved her daughter from the electric chair. Linda Russell, mother of South Carolina murderer Susan Smith, now recalls 3 things about him.
How softly he spoke. How intensely he opposed the death penalty. And that photo, on his office wall, of a tiny black boy: George Stinney, a 14-year-old sent to the chair after a flawed trial in 1944.
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