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Six Prison Stories

by Laura Dimon

After 14 years on Florida’s death row, Frank Lee Smith died of cancer in January 2000, before he was exonerated of rape and murder. The DNA results not only cleared Smith of the crime, but also identified the true perpetrator, Eddie Lee Mosley.

According to the Innocence Project, 311 people in U.S. history, 18 of whom were sentenced to the death penalty, have been freed after DNA evidence proved them innocent. The average DNA exoneree has served 13.6 years behind bars.      Continue reading

Request to Remove Death Penalty Option Denied

A judge denied a motion to take the death penalty off the table as a possibility for a Lexington County father accused of killing his five children. Lawyers for 32-year-old Timothy Ray Jones Jr. appeared in court Friday on his behalf. Jones is accused of killing the children at their home in Lexington County, then dumping their bodies in a rural area of Alabama. — Continue reading at WLTX

Mental Illness and the Death Penalty

by Sarah Swig for

“Today, at 6pm, the State of Florida is scheduled to kill my brother, Thomas Provenzano, despite clear evidence that he is mentally ill…. By no means do I suggest my brother go free. By all means justice should be done. But I have to wonder: Where is the justice in killing a sick human being?” — Sister of death row inmate, June 2000

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